Silverline Dashboard

Duration:  5 weeks
Role: Designer
Tools: Figma, HTML/CSS, React.js
Collaborators: Anthony Rowe, Ivan Liang

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Project Space
Silverline is an open-source, distributed systems dashboard designed for Bosch. A key feature that sets Silverline apart from other distributed systems dashboards is the ability to map different runtimes and their respective modules to hardware.

I worked on designed the experience and interface of the dashboard. I took inspiration from existing dashboards and made improvements based on the needs of our dashboard. We are currently working on mapping runtimes and modules with a 3D Web Environment.

Design System

Dashboard: Runtimes

Designed page to track help users track different runtimes and their related information, including monitoring system health and modules.

Dashboard: Modules

Users can sort through modules based on runtime or application. Selecting a module will bring user back to respective runtime on Runtime tab.

Dashboard: Application View

Application and System view are still under development. Conceptually, users would be able to map runtimes and corresponding modules to hardware diagrams and eventually to a 3D virtual environment.

Dashboard: Network Status
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