Design Hero

Duration: 12 weeks
Tools: Figma, Adobe CC, HTML/CSS
Collaborators: None

Full Process ︎︎︎
Mobile Experience Process ︎︎︎
Live Site Process ︎︎︎

Project Space
I designed a cohesive, multi-media design system for my design hero, Michael Bierut. The project includes a mobile application, responsive webpage, booklet, poster, and motion graphic. Each artifact celebrates and showcases Bierut’s notable accomplishments and lasting impact on the design world.

Web Experience

Mobile Experience

Interactive mobile prototype build using Figma. Features include a biography, timeline of work, famous quotes, and hidden interactions.


Informational poster about designer Michael Bierut’s prolific career. This poster highlights his extensive influence on New York City and the design world. The grid of the poster was based off of the New York City street layout.

Trim Size: 19.25 x 31.75 in


16-page booklet detailing Michael Bierut’s journey as a designer from his early age to his current projects and personal significance.  

Trime Size: 8.25 x 10.5 in, 16-pages

Motion Graphic
Short motion graphics animation about Bierut’s process of creating the brand identity for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Time: 75 seconds
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