Config 2024

Duration:  8 weeks
Role: Designer
Tools: Figma, Adobe CC, HTML/CSS, Javscript
Collaborators: None

Project Space
I created a design system for Config 2024. Config is a speaker hosted by Figma where designers, developers, product managers, and more come to talk about the design industry and share their insights.

The design system I created revolved around the principles that make Figma unique: collaboration, design, systems, and development. I took a generative approach to create the different assets for this system to show the blurring of lines between design and code. 

With each click, this javascript function creates a completely unique variation of the logotype. The logotype consists of 10 different components of varying colors, sizes, and positions.

Logotype at Scale
At scale, I simplify the logotype down to 4 symbols. Symbols are interchangeable and also randomize between their fixed positions; scale does not change.

Logotype Spacing
The logotype shines when given space to shine. 



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