Duration:  15 weeks
Role: UX/UI Intern
Tools: Figma, Adobe CC, HTML/CSS, Javscript, Python
Collaborators: Anthony Rowe, Ivan Liang

Project Space
In the summer of 2022, I interned at Conix Research Center working on ARENAXR, an immersive 3D environment created inside a browser meant to run programs in conjunction with IoT devices.

I worked on the defining the user work flow for accessing menus within mixed reality, and prototyping various spatial interface components and their interactions. I am currently working on how to make interaction with mixed reality more intuitive.

User Research
UI Primitives

Designed UI primitives and their interactions in Blender. These assets serve as an interace toolkit that users can select when building their own programs within ARENAXR.

Prototyped workflow for accessing menus within mixed reality.

Button Interactions

Users interact with the interface across different platforms. Interactions meant to mimic physical buttons.
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